Saturday, March 28, 2009

+a sudden news+

hmmm juz recieve mil cal she say hb grandpa had pass away le..haiz it was so shockin lol cos hb n mi went to visit him nt long onli den juz nw recieve a cal n say he die le..hb n chun nw rush dwn to de hospital le hmmm i cant go dwn cos gt 3kids at hm n nobody helps mi to look aft them luckily so mil say nvm tml i den go dwn to de funeral lol den i msg bro le i az him tml take off cos i need to go dwn to de funeral wonderin wat it goes le even if he cant take off i oso dun care i will az him go n find ppl to look aft de 2bros lol..k im gg to rest le bye tml i will haf a busy day cos i haf to rush to hospital n funeral...

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I got a more understanding hb
My calden boi more behaved
My hb strike more toto n 4d
Hope to go short holiday soon

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Ppl break their promises

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