Wednesday, March 11, 2009


hmmm i bk to blog le hee cos gt things to blog ma..i veri sad cos my laptop finally died on mi le inside ther's alot of calden of fotos alot of memories inside even my weddin video oso inside so kinda sad lol..hmmm my mum juz bk frm hk holiday 3days 2 night so shiok rite i so old le i haven been to hk yet bt my mum go sad anyway is my uncle sponsor de so she go lol i dink she gg to thailand again le hmmm dunno my uncle will agree to sponsor ours air ticket ma wahaha...jokin nia la knw he wont do de my my mum went 4 holiday i was so angry wif my nephews mother n grandma i reali dunno y a mum can b so heartless dun go n c them even wen they both stayin at her mum's plc n wen we az them to look aft de 2 both 4 last weekend de woman can az mi izzit i handicapped so i cant look aft de both kids i was so fuckin angry so i cal her bt she dun dare to tok to mi over de fone lol she ans bt she press over another line once she heard my voice wtf!!!!! she can keep on message mi lol cos we argue at message bt she dun dare to tok wen i wanna confront her..i told my mum tat i cant stand it le 1st time she cursed my YAP family y dun go n die,nw 2nd time she say am i handicapped i tel my mum tis is de 后果of 忍气bt tis is wat i get!!!den her mum cal mi den we tok over de issue of lookin de 2 kids den she can tel mi hmmm no matter wat 他们都是姓叶的den i was so angry i tel her 难道他们没有她的blood ma?hw can always az look aft them is nt my mum always go overseas dunno y they can tok like tat!!!!!!!!!

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I got a more understanding hb
My calden boi more behaved
My hb strike more toto n 4d
Hope to go short holiday soon

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Ppl break their promises

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