Saturday, October 4, 2008


hmmm muz update my blog if nt i will b even more lazy to update le haha hmmm we gg 4 our 2nd soon le bt our new hse furniture all haven go n c hmmm de lazy hb..though nt much things to buy bt at least muz go compare price ma..hmmm tis oct is a busy mth haf to busy wif new hse things,haf to let ppl come n view hg hse le den my bday is comin soon tis yr i reali dun wish to celebraye i actuali told hb y nt mayb juz go holiday lor hee bt dunno can anot cos alot of stuff haven do haiz..tis is my bro elder son elson c hw dirty his face n clothes is haha is all bcos he eat ice cream lor den i tel him faster pose 4 mi so tat i can show his daddy wen he bk frm wrk..den he so cute he reali pose 4 mi haha..tat day calden was inside my room den i take some coins 4 him to keep inside de big martell he was ther puttin those coins den i go out to smoke aft wen i come bk i saw tis mess he ownself pour out de coins so veri naughty le hee den i az him to put de coins inside de bottle he give mi tis kind of face buay tahan him sometimes

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I got a more understanding hb
My calden boi more behaved
My hb strike more toto n 4d
Hope to go short holiday soon

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Ppl break their promises

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