Sunday, August 24, 2008


hmmm today whole day at hm nth to do so i buy a veri funny toys 4 de kids to play wif den noon time wen my mum reach hm aft wrk i accom hb go c doc hmmm hope nth serious happen to him pray hard....den at night brin de kids go pasar malam walk walk poor ashton fell asleep in de stroller while we walkin hm.........hmmmmmmmmmm here's some pic of us wif de fake teeth and tis pic which is comin is de most ugly de i dink wahaha .....

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I got a more understanding hb
My calden boi more behaved
My hb strike more toto n 4d
Hope to go short holiday soon

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Ppl break their promises

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Wo Hai Shi Bu Dong - aLin

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