Saturday, March 1, 2008


Hmmm another 1hr plus gg to knock off le yippee....juz cAnt wait faster knock off i cant wait to c him although i everyday get to c him bt somehow i still misses him...veri er xin rite wahaha...hmmm my tis blog accidentally let my hb saw it den he az u gt write de meh u surely write alot of bad things abt mi de bt i didnt lor as if he gt alot of bad things 4 mi to write bleah.....anyway my fren niania gg to start wrk sooon she gg to wrk in a pub le somemore they let her handle all by herself so happy 4 her..hmmm aft knock off i wan az hb brin mi go eat nice nice fooooooooooood

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I got a more understanding hb
My calden boi more behaved
My hb strike more toto n 4d
Hope to go short holiday soon

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Ppl break their promises

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Wo Hai Shi Bu Dong - aLin

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